Customer Reviews

Darshan: "I recently moved into the area and went to have my car washed here at The Works. They did an amazing job. I did watch to see what was used to wash my car and they used this brush that was great. I spoke with the guy that was washing my car and he showed me the brush and how well it works. I ended up buying one for my father (yes the wash brush) for use on his car because he does not live close to any car washes. When I pulled in, I was given the option of using the sheepskin mitt or the brush and I opted for the latter. I would strongly recommend this place to anyone".

Paul: "They did a fantastic cut and polish job on my classic Ford, he promised that it would be finished by 2pm and he rang me dead on 2pm. The car looks amazing and i wouldn't hesitate in recommending the works Hand car wash.
They also gave me advice on keeping the car looking 100%... that's good customer service".

Anonymous: "After i went dirt riding in my car it was sooooooo dirty, so when i got back home i went on the internet and went on womow, i looked for carwashes that do a pretty good job, so it came up with the works hand car wash, so the next day i dicided to take my car down to the carwash and get my car EXTREMELY cleaned, when i droved in, a guy named nick came up to me and asked me wat wash i would like, i said a ultimate carwash, so thats wat he did, he is a extremely nice guy, wen he called out my car he showed me exactly wat he did and that was exactly wat i wanted him to do!".

Anonymous: "I find that the boys at the car wash usually do a good job on the cars, sometimes they are a bit rushed off their feet to get the cars out in under half an hour, but I check my car before I leave, and if they make a mistake, they always fix it on the spot. It is a hard job out there, but the boys are sweet and it is never a problem to do what you ask of them. I would not like to do that job, but Like one of the owners said to me "please check your car before you leave, and make sure you are happy, don't leave annoyed and not say something, we can easily fix it before you leave and then you are not annoyed". Give them a go".

Garlicook: "I take my car here when I'm in the area and find that they always do an excellent job. I also like the fact that I never had to wait too long and get to eat next door at Misty's while waiting"